About the Big Demon Ring

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The Big Demon Ring
demon ring side
Side view.
Sterling Silver with mini gold hoop earrings. This is a big ring, approximately 1¼ inch chin to back top of head.
Available Sizes: 9 to 14
I hand-carved this handsome fellow in wax. I cast him in sterling silver, and add a small gold hoop to his ear.
This ring is based on the mythical god Pan who came to be associated with the darker, baser side of nature; however, the god represents earth, and creative fertility, and reminds us that nature is a balance of opposite forces.
The Big Demon
demon ring face
Face view.
Pan, with cloven hooves, horns, and goatee beard, originally the god of goatherds and shephards, came to be the god of nature. He played beautiful music on the reed pipes, and he also represented the darker wilder side of nature.
The Big Demon Ring
closeup view of the demon ring face
A closeup face view. I love this ring! It is truely unique.