Emmy MacKenzie, Artist's Bio

Classical Training
Emmy MacKenzie, goldsmith
I made my first lost wax casting piece in a high school art class, but it wasn't until almost ten years later that I began working professionally as a bench jeweler.
In the 1980s I received classical training in traditional goldsmithing techniques in Vancouver Canada where I studied at the Vancouver Vocational tech school and apprenticed as a bench jeweler.
In 1989 I returned to the San Francisco Bay area and took a job as a bench jeweler at Alan Revere's wholesale production studio. Following that, I worked as a bench jeweler at a high-end North Beach retail jewelry art gallery.
I've taken workshops from Dunconor Workshops in Salida, Colorado and from the Revere academy in San Francisco.
Santa Barbara Studio
View of the Boulder Creek studio.
Since 1992, I have been making jewelry in my own studio studio, first in Boulder Creek, in the Santa Cruz mountains, and now in Santa Barbara, California.
I recently moved to Santa Barbara and found a great space to set up my workshop and studio. I still have some boxes to unpack, but my business is back up and running in the new space.
I do all the jewelry work myself. Everything I make is handmade by me! I carve my own wax. I do my own casting. I do my own stone-setting and finishing. I take pride in making unique high-quality clean jewelry. You can see more pictures of me at work here.
I believe that buying jewelry is very personal, and I believe that it can still be personal even over the internet.
Over the years, working in retail, or in a production shop, taking classes from professional instructors or picking up tips from fellow jewelers, I have always found something new to learn. That's what keeps it fun and interesting. And beyond the technical tricks, there is a spiritual lesson: be true to yourself, make art, and make it well!