Jade and silver pendant

This pendant has sold. Thank you for your interest.

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Jade Pendant
Jade pendent set in silver
Front view of the pendant, showing the 23x40 mm piece of California jade set in an undulating silver bezel.
The pendant hangs on a 2.2 mm wide sterling silver serpentine chain, 24 inches long.
See the pictures below, for a view of the pierced silver back.
Jade Pendant
Jade pendant, back, showing pierced and engraved silver fish.
I like my pieces to be interesting from all angles. With this pendant, the back is more elaborate than the front.
This view shows the back of the pendant where I pierced and engraved the silver to create a stylized dolphin covorting in the ocean. I set a tiny garnet for the eye.
Jade Pendant
Jade Pendant with pierced silver back and serpentine chain.
Here's another view of the back of the pendant and the included 24 inch sterling serpentine chain.