About The Ophelia Skull Ring

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The Ophelia Skull Ring with Rhodolite pink garnets
skull ring with rhodolite pink garnet eyes
The garnets that I currently have are a bit more pale pink than shown here.
This new skull ring has been percolating in my brain for a long time. It represents an ancient skull, stumbled upon in the undergrowth, reminding us of our own mortality, with a wink and a grin ;-)
Like Ophelia, it lies among flowers and vines.
The skull measures 20mm from crown to chin. (That's just over ¾ inch.)
The Ophelia Skull Ring
skull ring in the undergrowth
Shown here plain, with no gemstones.
The Ophelia Skull Ring with gemstone eyes
skull ring with gemstone eyes
There are so many great colored gems available. I wanted to feature a few of my favorites with this ring. Priced as follows:
Plain, no eyes: $115.
Mozambique (red) garnets; Rhodolite (raspberry) garnets; Citrine; or Amethyst: $185
Mexican fire opals (orange): $185.
Tsavorite garnets (bright apple green): $265.
Lab-grown Alexandrites (Color-change from purple to light blue): $265.
Hot Pink Sapphires: $400.
Shown here with the lab-grown Alexandrite eyes.
The Ophelia Skull Ring
skull ring with gemstone eyes
Side view shows the leaves and flowers that form the ring shank.
The lab-grown Alexandrite eyes are purple in incandescent light, blue under flourescent light, and a mix of both purple and blue in outdoor light.
The Ophelia Skull Ring with red Mozambique garnets
skull ring with garnet eyes
Here's an image of the skull ring with the red Mozambique garnet eyes.